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Hot Packages

Canada  Visa

Canadian Citizenship and Immigration to Canada start with an application for a Canada Visa/ Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa. There are several categories of Canadian immigration under which you can apply to immigrate to Canada:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada Application Processing Times. 

Canada Visit Visa/ Business Visa

A Canadian Visit/ Business visa or Temporary Resident visa allows the visa holder to visit Canada for the purpose of tourism, visiting family of friends, attend business meetings, conferences, seminars, events, convocations, medical treatment etc. Depending on your tour itinerary, you can either apply for a single entry or multiple entry visa. The visa is usually granted for a minimum six month period however, the duration of your stay is decided by the immigration officer at the port of entry into Canada. No work or visa conversion to any other visa category is permitted on a visit visa. Just like USA or UK, Canada’s immigration laws are strict. To secure a visa you need to fully satisfy the visa officer that you meet all the requirements as a visitor and that you will leave Canada at the end of your authorized stay. As experienced Canadian immigration advisors, Taj Travels and Tours would assist you through the entire visa application process.

Canada Student Visa / Study Permit Visa

Canada attracts over 1,80,000 students a year. Each year more and more Indian students are choosing Canadian colleges and universities to pursue their higher education. However, the process to procure a student visa is getting harder and more complicated. As education abroad is a lot more expensive than studying in India, you need to fully convince the visa officer you can afford this leave of expenditure for your education, have the ability to follow the course, the course selected is a progression of your completed education and you would return to your country at the end of your course. Documents in particular, the Student Questionnaire play a vital role in the outcome of your visa application. In addition, the visa officer could call the applicant in for a personal interview. After assessing your personal and financial circumstances, our advisors at Taj Travels and Tours would formulate a list of documents required in support of your application, accordingly assist you in completing the student Questionnaire and other visa forms, prepare your case file for submission carefully highlighting all the important points in the application and prepare you for an interview, if necessary.

Temporary Resident Visa (Canada Work visa)

A work permit is required for most temporary jobs in Canada except those traveling to Canada for business visits. Your employer, in additions to a job offer / contract has to obtain a positive labour market opinion on your job offer form Human Resource and Social Development Canada (HRSDC) and send the same to you. On receiving this HRSDC confirmation you begin the Temporary Residence Visa process. Our assistance begins here. We would carefully guide you through a step-by-step process that is essential to get the visa as your HRSDC confirmation and job offer is in no way a guarantee of a Temporary Resident Visa. Numerous additional conditions need to be fulfilled. Your spouse and dependent children can accompany you to Canada.