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Hot Packages

USA  Visa

Split into non-immigrant and immigrant visa’s, US visas are arguably the hardest visas to get. The focus is on the applicant’s personal interview rather than the supporting documents. As the interview lasts only for few minutes, the outcome of your case is decided by the precise answers you give plus additional determining factors.

Through Taj Travels and Tours you would be trained for the grueling interview process. We would also advise you on documents, case presentation, filling online application forms, scheduling interviews and conduct mock interview sessions to fully prepare you for your appointment at the embassy. 

Business Visa/ Visit Visa/ Tourist Visa

This USA business visa allows people to enter the US for a temporary period for business, pleasure or to receive medical treatment.

B1 i.e. a USA Business

visa allows individuals to travel to the US for the purpose of business meetings, seminars, conferences, consultation, buying goods or materials etc. You are not allowed to work or get paid for your services whilst in the US.

B2 i.e. USA Tourist Visa/ Visit Visa

B2 i.e. USA Tourist Visa/ Visit Visa is meant for those who seek to enter the US as a tourist, visit family and friends, receive medical treatment, participate in events, conventions and conferences, attend funerals etc. You are not allowed to work and are expected to depart at the end of your authorized stay.

Student Visa/ Student Dependent Visa

F1 USA Student Visa

F1 USA Student Visa is for a person who wants to go to US to pursue his/her further education. To qualify you need to be accepted by a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) approved educational institute, have received form I – 20 and have paid the SEVIS fee. To be successful a student has to fully convince the visa officer that he/ she has the ability to follow the course, means to pay for the course and live in the US, sufficient knowledge of English and most importantly, the intention to leave the US at the end of the course. All this justification needs to be provided at an interview that would only last for a few minutes.

M1: Non – Academic Student Visa

This visa is meant for those who want to engage in non-academic, vocational study or training at a recognized institution in the US. This is a popular visa category amongst Indians as many Indian students seek to complete their Commercial Pilot Training or Flight training from an aviation training institute in the US. You need to fulfill similar formalities as any other student (F1. However, as these training programs are usually for a shorter duration and due to the nature of the specialized training, a lot more expensive, documents play an equally important role as your personal visa interview.

F2/ M2 Student Dependent Visa

F2/ M2 Student Dependent visas are meant for spouse of children of a student (F1 or M1). On this visa you are allowed to accompany or join the primary applicant who holds a valid student visa for the US. However, you are not permitted to work in the US.

We also deal with: C1: Transit visa and I visa. We also assist with J visas: exchange visitors