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Hot Packages

Australia / New Zealand  Visa

For Australia Visa/ New Zealand Visa you''ll need an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA or Short Travel Visa) if you''d like to travel to Australia for a holiday or business. It''s valid for 1 year and allows you to enter Australia for up to 3 months per visit. If you''re a passport holder from an ETA eligible country, we can easily organize this visa for you within 1 working day. If you don’t have a passport from an ETA-eligible country, we have our Short Travel Visa Application Guide, as well as the "Welcome to Australia Guide" to help you with your application process. 

Visit Visa/ Tourist Visa/ Business Visa

All Indian passport holders require a visa or permit to enter Australia visit visa or New Zealand visit visa as a tourist for holiday, sightseeing, visit relatives, friends, attend business meetings, conferences, seminars, trainings, cultural or social activities, medical treatment, transit etc. Work in not permitted on this visa however, you are allowed to take up short courses offered for less than three months of study.

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NOTE: Australia Visa and New Zealand Visa do not follow the same immigration laws and their visa requirements differ.